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Memory leak when using GoAhead webserver.

Lies, all lies.

On further investigation I don't seem to have a memory leak at all.

When a page is "got" from the webserver, a certain amount of memory - 488
bytes or thereabouts - is allocated and not released until 60 seconds later.
This gave the appearance of a leak, of course.

If anyone knows what part of the system is playing this prank, I'd love to
know, just for academic interest.  I really can't justify spending time
looking for it.

-- Nick (madder than a sackful of itchy ferrets) Simon 

> Nick.SIMON at syntegra.bt.co.uk wrote:
> > 
> > Hi,
> > 
> > I'm experiencing loss of heap when retrieving pages from 
> webserver, about
> > 500 bytes a time.  As the NT test version also has goahead, 
> and doesn't lose
> > heap, I suspect IMFS (where html files are kept) or 
> possibly sockets.  I'll
> > do some tests to isolate this when I can get to a target but, in the
> > meantime, has anyone any knowledge of this?
> > 
> > I'm using 4.5.0 beta3a with both standard and snapshot 
> 20001219 versions of
> > GoAhead.


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