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gdb and bdm for RTEMS

	I'm somewhat confused about which bdm version to use with RTEMS. First I'm 
using an efi332 board, with the public domain bdm board (5 chip version). 
m68k-rtems-gdb-4.18-4.i386.rpm doesn't have bdm support, so I downloaded 
gdb-4.18.tar.gz, gdb-4.18-rtems-20000524.diff.gz, and 
	However, it appears that gdb-bdm-20010415.tar.gz is only for CPU32+ (68360 
and Coldfire), is this correct? 
	I also tried gdb-4.18-bdm-patches-pi1.tar.gz, I compiled the driver, and 
patched and compiled gdb. The driver loads, gdb starts, but when I try 
"target bdm /dev/pd_bdm0" , gdb returns:

Error: BDM device driver version conflict.
        you need at least version 2, currently installed is version 1.
        Aborting operation

	What bdm driver do I need for the 68332? Also, how do I create a gdb version 
with both bdm and RTEM's support?

	I apologize for the somewhat off topic questions, but maybe somebody can 
point me in the right direction.

Larry Gray
larry at greenmotor.com