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Anyone using RTEMS on Motorola ColdFire (e.g. MCF5272)?

Maarten.Kruger at ziton.spx.com wrote:
> Thank you for the overwhelming response on my question of using RTEMS for
> powerPC...  It seems that the Motorola ColdFire may be more appropriate for
> my needs - is anybody using an existing port of RTEMS for the ColdFire?
> (e.g. MFC5272C3 evalutation board?)

We are using RTEMS on the Coldfire. The BSP is contained in My Right
Boot. You can find it here.


The 5272 is a 5207e core with extras such as ethernet so getting MRB to
run should not be hard. Once MRB runs RTEMS boots. Ypu will need a
driver for the ethernet for MRB and RTEMS. Feel free to contact me with
any specific questions.

 Chris Johns, cjohns @ cybertec.com.au