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Anybody using Windows 98 for RTEMS GNU tools?

On Wed, Aug 29, 2001 at 09:50:11AM +0200, Maarten.Kruger at ziton.spx.com wrote:

> Is anybody successfull using all the GNU tools in Windows 98 for
> RTEMS?  Can you please give me tips for getting started - had problems
> with Cygwin...

I did (for a time) have GNU tools working under both Win95 and Win98,
and was able to cross-compile RTEMS, and debug over local BDM without
too much trouble, but unfortunately there was just one too many a
showstopper to make it worth the administrative pain, and I moved my
lone cygwin developer to linux with the rest of the group.

cygwin carries with it a few caveats; for me, the worst dealt with the
filesystem.  since cygwin sits directly on top of FAT, you lose
case-sensitive names.  this meant I couldn't use my source control
system (prcs) under cygwin, since it depends on case-sensitive directory
names in its repository.  another (related?) problem, files "foo" and
"foo.exe" are treated as equivalents in make(1), (and elsewhere?) which
also gave me problems.

you could also think about putting a separate linux box on your network,
then you get the best of both worlds without having to fit on into the

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