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Porting RTEMS to uCsimm (68EZ328)?

Larry Gray wrote:
> Hello,
>         I'm new to RTEMS, and would like to port it to the uCsimm module. The uCsimm
> module is based upon the 68EZ328. Does this port already exist? If not, how
> difficult would it be to port? Would RTEMS for Coldfire be a good place to
> start?

Someone out there may have some 68ez328 code that would help but if not, the
best place to start is with the general collection of 683xx BSPs and drivers.
The 683xx CPUs share peripherals so you might find most everything already in
place.  I don't know offhand what is on the 68328 and uCsimm though.  I recall
it has a cs8900 Ethernet from memory and that is in libchip (see recent
post by Chris Johns on the PC386 about it).  Please be careful to use
code that can be included with RTEMS based upon licensing consideration.

I would love to see a uCsimm BSP.  It is a cheap platform. :)

> Thanks in Advance,
> Larry Gray
> larry at greenmotor.com

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