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mvme2307 bsp / dec21140 questions

Hi there.

I am using the mvme2307 BSP for running EPICS (and I can tell
that there is quite some interest in RTEMS among the EPICS

There were a couple of fixes to rtems-ss-20010525 / mvme2307BSP
needed which I'd like to contribute.

Is the mvme2304 BSP currently maintained?

Then, on the powerPC there is always the cache issue
when dealing with devices. As far as I can see, the BSP
runs with caches enabled both, in HID0 and in DBAT0.
However, the network chip driver (libchip/dec21140.c)
doesn't seem to care about flushing (TX) or invalidating (RX)
cache entries and yet it seems to work - is this just
luck or am I missing something?

-- Till.