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Q about PowerPC new exception processing.


Here is text from 'c/src/lib/libcpu/powerpc/new_exception_processing/cpu.h'
(latest snapshot):

 *  Does RTEMS manage a dedicated interrupt stack in software?
 *  If this is TRUE, CPU_ALLOCATE_INTERRUPT_STACK should also be TRUE.



Actual definitions obviously come in contradiction with comments. Guess this
is because usual interrupt stack allocation method is bypassed in the new
exception processing code.

Strictly speaking, changing comments in the header means changing interface
between RTEMS core and BSPs, and thus corresponding headers for other BSPs (as
well as documentation) should also be changed :-( So the question arise:

Do we need to switch back to usual method of stack allocation or fix comments
in the header? 

Thanks in advance.

Sergei Organov.