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RTEMS Snapshot SS-20000901 Available

See ftp.oarcorp.com:/pub/rtems/snapshots/ss-20000901

This snapshot has a few things to be aware of but the
ChangeLogs are where the details are. :)

  + Rosimildo's Microwindows patch is in.  This patch
    has been available from his site for a while now but
    we were unsure of the ramifications on targets other then
    the i386/pc386.  I have compiled for powerpc/psim and
    i386/pc386 so we are starting out better than previous
    attempts.   This should provide a standard interface
    between MicroWindows and RTEMS applications.  I would
    encourage others to help Rosimildo out in verifying this
    interface is documented and is OK for all targets.

  + Antti P Miettinen <antti.p.miettinen at nokia.com> submitted
    an update to the GoAhead webserver in RTEMS to version 2.1.
    I only got this in this morning and can only say it compiles.
    I agree with the general sentiment that we need to become
    part of the general release.

I have made progress in debugging minor nits with Keith Outwater's
tclsh problems and expect to post something on it in the next 
few days.  It is working for me but I want to see it work for Keith
before going public. :)

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