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New layout for Linux x86 Tool Binaries

I have just finished installing a first cut at a 
reorganization of the c_tools/Linux directory
on the ftp site.  I did not replace ANY tool 
binaries -- I only reorganized them.  What
you will find is an organization like


Under RPM, deb, and tgz, there is a shared directory
as well as a directory per target CPU.  If you
start at this URL:


hopefully you will find yourself gracefully walked 
through the plethora of packages. :)  

Based on suggestions, the required, likely, and unlikely
categories were used and the size of each file is displayed
so you know what you are getting into before you download it. :)

This is a first cut and it was only done for the Linux subdirectory.
Comments are welcome.  

{NOTE:  We know this is not linked to directly from the website yet.]

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