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I have beem trying (unsuccessfully) to do the same build, but have gotten
I am trying to build on red hat 6.2.
I downloaded the gnat RPM's and ran my build with CC=gnatgcc.  I also had to
modify the bit script included with RTEMS somewhere where gcc was hard

I got to the point that I had a segment violation during the build.


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From: "Daniel Lange" <lange92 at iscssun.uni.edu>
To: <chat at gnat.COM>
Cc: <crossgcc at cygnus.COM>; <rtems-users at oarcorp.com>
Sent: Sunday, July 30, 2000 2:56 PM
Subject: gnat/rtems?

> Has anyone ever gotten gnat/rtems to compile? I followed the instructions
> on www.oarcorp.com to the letter, downloading all the files (finding
> gcc-2.81 was next to impossible) and decompressing all the files and
> applying patches, etc. However, it looks like the page I was following was
> written for setting up the C version of rtems, because it has certain
> obvious errors...
> has no download site for gnat... I ended up searching for it with google.
> And the files on OARcorp's site aren't where they are supposed to be, I
> had to poke around in their ftp server to find the right files...
> and the only place I could find gcc-2.8.1 (it's old now, 2.9.5 is out) was
> on metalab.unc.edu.
> I could be mistaken on this one, but I run a Debian linux system, and gcc
> won't compile ada files, and doesn't recognize the -gnata and -gnatpg
> options. I copied the ada directory and did the patch to gcc, and that
> kept failing with an "Warning: Ada compiler not installed on this system."
> so I hacked the Makefile and set CC= gnatmake, that generated the proper
> .o files, but bombed out with a constraint error on types.adb.
> I was attempting to use rtems-4.5.0-beta3a.tgz to build, but really I
> don't think the compile ever got that far...
> can anyone tell me what I did wrong?
> Daniel Lange