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Progress with Java VM portings

Thanks. I found the docs. They support my suspicions that we are getting
a bus error during a burst write with the MBX821:

"The Data Cache does not support a bus error which might occur on the
2nd or 3rd data beat of a burst. (burt_232)"

We will investigate further.

The errata does not state what happens when a bus error is signalled
during a burst transfer. Presumably, the CPU goes off to la la land.

Rick McBain wrote:
> The mask set is printed on the chip, for example "4F84C" (that's what I have
> on one 860 chip I looked at). They'll have a errata sheet associated with
> that number on the http://www.mot.com website, somewhere under
> products->microprocessors>powerpc->mpc8xx->... (or something like that).
> Unfortunately their website seems to be broken today at the point you click
> "microprocessors", so I can't help any further.
> Regards, Rick
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> > Thanks for the info. Any URLs or other pointers? We do have the original
> > MBX boards. Almost certainly they have early revisions of the CPU. Maybe
> > that's our problem.

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