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Testing GCJ in Linux RedHat!

Tom Tromey wrote:
> >>>>> "Rosimildo" == Rosimildo da Silva <rdasilva at connecttel.com> writes:
> >>  As far as I know libgcj has not been ported to RTEMS.
> Rosimildo> As far I can tell from the messages posted to the
> Rosimildo> RTEMS-list recently, the port is done. The team that did
> Rosimildo> it, is packaging things together and writing some web-pages
> Rosimildo> to help the others.
> Any chance of having this code contributed back to the core?  I can
> provide information on what needs to be done to make this happen (from
> our side).


I am not involved with the port myself. I'll let the team that
is doing it, to speak up for themselves.