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Problem of the GNU C/C++ Cross Compiler Toolset building

"Boris V. Guzhov" wrote:
> Hi all,
> I have:
> egcs 1.1b
> binutils 2.9.1
> newlib 1.8.0
> RTEMS 4.0.0
> RTEMS Specific Tool Patches and Scripts
> My host is Linux RedHat 6.0
> My target - i386.

Hi Boris, I've same problems !

With older Linux Read Hat 5.1 or Caldera 1.5 all work fine !
I don't understand because, perhaps some programs have
changed their behavior !

However is incoming a new version of RTEMS, 4.5, which have
all supported micro RPM's for Windows and Linux tool-chain
(compilers, linkers,....). 

Silverio Diquigiovanni
silverio.di at qem.it