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About porting gen68360 BSP to our target

Aaron Xinhuan Liu wrote:
> Hi there,
> I'd like to port the gen68360 BSP with RTEMS to our target and get the
> helloWorld program to work on our target. I have just modifed the files:
> start.s, init68360.c, console.c and linkcmds for our target. The
> configuration of the target is:
>             33 MHz clock rate MC68EN360
>             Flash memory, 2 MB @ 0x00000
>             DRAM 4MB @ 0x430000
>             EEPROM, 32kB @ 0x800000
>             DPRBASE @0x8000000
>             console serial port on SMC2
>             Ethernet interface on SCC1
> I built the sample hello_world program and downloaded to the target, but
> it does't work and no message display. I have attached the files I
> modefied and created to this message. Any help would be apprecaited.
Are you using gdb/BDM?  If so, the first thing I'd try is to modify the
scripts to set up the m360 registers to the same values set by the
initialization code.  Then see if you can read and write memory with gdb
and see if DRAM properly holds its contents.  Next step is to download
the executable and use breakpoints/single step to see if you're getting
through the initialization properly -- pay particular attention to the
code that copies the data segment and clears the bss segment.  It's easy
to make mistakes in the linker configuration file that causes problems
here.  Your way of laying out memory is significantly different, so my
first guess is that this is where you're having problems.

Then put a breakpoint on Init and see if you're getting that far.
If things still aren't working, try putting breakpoints in the console
output routines -- try polled output then interrupt-driven output.

This procedure has never failed me :-)

Eric Norum                                 eric at cls.usask.ca
Canadian Light Source                      Phone: (306) 966-6308
University of Saskatchewan                 FAX:   (306) 966-6058
Saskatoon, Canada.