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cygwin target to try


>OK. I am at home trying to get cygwin working on my win95 setup
>at home. The previous problems reported were on a nt 4.0 box.
>This is MUCH slower than linux on the same machine!

Win95 could be hairy. Cygwin can be very slow....configuring is the worst.
Build speeds are pretty close if you use Ralf's suggested patch for
adding --pipe to Cygwin.

>1.  After I apply the patches, do I just use the same build scripts
>    (bit, bit_gdb, etc)?

I have not had any sucess with these at all under Cygwin. They rely on
features that don't exist or are buggy in Cygwin and the root configure
doesn't really understand Cygwin either.

I had to rebuild my toolset after I wrote my email with the instructions in
it.. I discovered that if you to a configure then "make all install" on the
binutils tree then the gcc/newlib combo then everything just builds and
installs cleanly. I'm not quite sure what purpose "make cross" serves these
days. It is maybe only for non-embeded cross-compilers where you specify the
headers ahead of time?

I have had no problems (e.g. to do with limits) with the toolset this

>2.  I would like to build sparc or powerpc since a simulator is
>    Does anyone have experience with either on cygwin they want to
>    I don't want to run into unnecessary trouble. :)

I think that somebody has managed to get the ppc simulator up and running
but it had a few build problems. This was quite a long time ago though.