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new tool patches

Rather than wait for the next snapshot, I have gone ahead and put
new tool patches out.  They are in the 19990820 c_tools subdirectory
and are for gcc 2.95.1 and binutils-990901 (daily snapshot).  

The patch for gcc 2.95.1 includes Ralf's work to fix the librtems++
problem. I have built all the targets using this patch but have
not done extensive testing.

The binutils-990901 patch is very new.  I am still in the process
of building all the targets.  Ralf was kind enough to review a
first iteration of it overnight so it is not that bad.  I created
this patch because a number of people were using late-model binutils
(snapshots or Linux versions) and the 2.9.1 patch did not apply cleanly.
I hope this helps.  Once I get some positive feedback, I will submit it.

David -- if your Coldfire patch needs to be in the RTEMS binutils
2.9.1 patch, send it my way and I will suck it in.

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joel at OARcorp.com                 On-Line Applications Research
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