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  After many days, I've succeeded in getting the sample RTEMS tasks running
on an in-house board using the efi332 BSP as a starting point.  Differences
between my boards and the efi332 hardware include lack of a monitor to
load the RTEMS objects, memory map and the basic differences between
the MC68332 and MC68331.

  The final step in my quest is to take a codeset which I'd previously
created and convert it into RTEMS tasks.  This code was linked with
newlib for I/O services using low-level I/O calls to functions I
created (inbyte and outbyte and their associated interrupt handlers).
There are some differences in register references which I'll need to
change in my code as well, but overall I don't expect too much trouble.

  I'm wondering where the top level directory for my code is best
located.  I presume it ought to go into the "tools/rtems-4.0.0"
hierarchy; offhand, it appears logically to fit at the "c/src"
level.  My code is structured currently with a top level directory
containing no source files (but with a Makefile), under which is
one level of directories with source files, each with its own
Makefile, and a single "include" directory containing only header
files.  This fits into the RTEMS directory structure described in
"make/README", except that I need to convert each "Makefile" to

  What are others doing when creating actual application tasks?
If the better solution is to build my application outside the
RTEMS hierarchy, what would I need to change to build everything
using the "bit_rtems" script?  Within the hierarchy, it seems the
only existing file I'd need to change would be to

  Any advice or suggestions appreciated.

					-- Mike Collins --