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p4650 board console

> "Alexey S. Fadeyev" wrote:
> Hi all
> I'm trying to put RTEMS onto a board we're using which is not similar with
> IDT7M9510 and it has not console at all
> Trying to run ticker-test on Mips64orion my board alway throw retrns
> break-point exception from
> bsp_postdriver_hook(void) --> stdin_fd = __rtems_open("/dev/console",
> O_RDONLY, 0)
> I want to use my own console. How I can restrict rtems_console_driver ?
> Any ideas?

If you are totally avoiding all use of standard in and standard output,
then you can have your own BSP specific version of that hook and 
simply not register a /dev/console device.  Alternatively, you can
put together a dummy device driver (the stub one in the tests should
be sufficient) and use that as the console driver.

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