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FollowUp/RE: RTEMS-gcc-2.95.1 Build Question

Marc, et al -

MS- If you really must use Winnt, it might be better to 
MS- run linux in a virtual machine (eg vmware) for the 
MS- purposes of compiling rtems.

Thanks for your comments.

I am building in Linux (RH6.0), but can't run 'bit sh' successfully when my
GCC choice is 'gcc-2.95.1'. I have been more successful linking,
configuring, and building "by hand" with simple scripts in the sequence
suggested for 'Using MS-Windows ...". In WinNT, make-3.77 still fails to
recurse into 'build_rtems' subdirectories (even after trying David Fiddes'
advice). That's another battle for another day, and not principally in my
behalf! &;^)

My failure to build
'.../tools/build-sh-tools/<CPU>-rtems/libiberty/libstdc++.a' through missing
*.h files also occurs when I run 'bit sh' in a fresh set of patched sources.
I do notice that 'bit' did not delete 'egcs-1.1b/gcc/f/' and
'egcs-1.1b/gcc/objc' from 'src/gcc'. I get a clean 'bit' run if I do this
manually; I had expected it was done by 'bit' or 'common.sh'.

I will try again with 'gcc-2.95.1', linked in place of 'egcs-2.95.1' into

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