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RTEMS simulator & RTEMS performance measurements for MC68020

bebbo wrote:
> Hello,
> I am looking for information on :
> 1) RTEMS real-time performance w.r.t. task-switching, ISR response times
> and RTOS overheads for RTEMS running on a MC68020 @25MHz ?

The timing information on a 16 or 20 Mhz MC68020 are in the file
c/src/lib/libbsp/m68k/mvme135/times.  This is the output of the
RTEMS Timeing Tests.  

> 2) RTEMS simulator for UNIX (LINUX) host debugging and simulation ?

Works or you can use another target and run on a CPU simulator
built into gdb such as sis for the sparc (erc32 BSP) or psim
for the powerpc (psim BSP).

> 3) Where is the eli.elilabs.com  site gone to, there are lots of links
> to this site but I can't seem to connect.

This was/is? the site of the crossgcc archive.  What were you looking for?

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