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Problems with Cygwin and RTEMS

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Subject: Problems with Cygwin and RTEMS

after too much hours, without results, spent to make RTEMS under W95 Host I
leave all for its major brother NT4 service 4.
1) binutils ok and work very well..... Wonderful !
2) egcs & newlib ok and works very well..... Wonderful !
when I try to make a RTEMS S0 the DOS window with bash always crash her. ...

Silverio, and RTEMS-discuss members-
On my system, this happens at points in the 'configure' script where a
cross-compiled example is launched to see whether it will run, and therefore
whether the compiler in question is a cross- or native-compiler. Not only
does the test executable fail, it hangs the shell, which hangs the window
widget. $%! I _know_ it is a cross-compiler, so I patched the configure
script to set that result without running the abortive test. (Closer
comparison with GNU-tools scripts might suggest a substitute script
formulation, but I didn't pursue it.)
Having got through that (in WinNT-4.0), I still found my 'make' unable to
recurse into the directory tree. (1) Has anyone else encountered this? (2)
If so, have you resolved it?
Thanks, and sorry for any residual MSWin-formatting in this reply -
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