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Problems Rebuilding RTEMS

I am having problems rebuilding the RTEMS tools on a system where I
previously built them without unusual problems.

Building './bit sh' under Linux/RH6.0, using 'egcs-2.91.66 19990314/Linux
(egcs-1.1.2 release)', my 'gcc' is apparently not able to read the contents
of the new 'libtxi.a' which have just been indexed by the [new]
'build-sh-tools/binutils/ranlib'. If I run '/usr/bin/ranlib' on 'libtxi.a',
'gcc' can use it and the build proceeds until the next new 'lib*.a' is
needed. Apparently my binutils build produced some bad executables.

I have the same results with either 'egcs-1.1b' or 'gcc-2.95.1' compiler
sources, with 'newlib-1.8.0' and 'binutils-2.9.1'. I repeated the build with
a newly unpacked and RTEMS-patched 'binutils' tree, with the same results.

I attach my './tools/user.cfg' and the terminal fragment of the './bit sh'
log. Has anyone a suggestion or further questions I should ask?

Thanks -
  John Mills, Sr. Software Engineer
  TGA Technologies, Inc.
  100 Pinnacle Way, Suite 140
  Norcross, GA 30071-3633
  e-mail: jmills at tga.com
  Phone: 770-441-2100 ext.124 (voice)
         770-449-7740 (FAX)

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