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debug for pc386

Joel Sherrill wrote:
> d_luo27 at 263.net wrote:
> >
I would think that living with existing monitors is a GREAT thing. I
don't want to have to port both RTEMS and a RTEMSmon. I even shudder at
the prospect of having to program bus bridges, such as Motorola's Eagle
chips. And I am sure that OAR does not want to get into this business
either. This is not to say that there isn't room for some form of
standard boot procedure. But I think you should leave it up to the end
users to decide whether they want to coexist with the existing monitors,
or replace them with their own. Perhaps this My Right Boot could be a
semi-supported option for those who want it or need it.

> <snip>
> One of the good and bad things about RTEMS is that we try to work with
> the
> target hardware without making configuration changes.  There is no
> RTEMSmon
> to target before you can do real development, no ROMs to replace, etc..
> This simplifies things from one perspective but results in a non-unified
> interface to target hardware.  Right now Chris' My Right Boot is the
> best
> possibility long term for unifying the interface to target boards.
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