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more RPMS available

VALETTE Eric wrote:
> >>>>> "Joel" == Joel Sherrill <joel.sherrill at oarcorp.com> writes:
> Joel> I have put more RPMs in the directory
> Joel> ftp://www.oarcorp.com/private/arc_snapshots/linux_rpms/
> Joel,
> This is a great job but be warned that rpms are less usable than tar.gz
> for people not running RED-HAT. I'm using debian (and will not switch to
> red-hat) that do not support RPM. 

Check out http://www.rpm.org/software.html.  There is a link to alien
(http://kitenet.net/programs/alien/) which appears to be able to do
the job of converting between formats.

There is also a link to build-package which is a perl script to
"build rpms and debs from source packages"

Let me also state that given sufficient interest to support binaries
for any host, we will build them.  It is simply a matter of time
and money.  RPMs were choise first because the two largest groups
of RTEMS users now appear to be on Linux's with RPM (Redhat or Suse)
and cygwin.  

The plan for the CD is to make it as easy as possible to (1) update
and (2) create binary variants (Linux (rpm), cygwin, and Solaris were
on the initial list).  Certainly a Linux debian variant CD is possible.
If there is space left on the RPM version, then even including it
there is not out of the question.

> There are converters but a simple tgz
> would be helpfull for most people. (how will you distribute for a
> Solaris host...).

Solaris is #3 on our list to produce and I have not given a whole lot
of thought to it yet.  My inclination is to use the best package manager
for the job which is pkgadd.  

Again there is an rpm based solution.. pkgmaker listed on the same
page which is described as: 

  "PkgMaker is a tool to build a Solaris package in the standard 
   pkgadd format, from an RPM source package."

So my inclination is to get the RPMs 100% right and (for me) to
use something like pkgmaker or alien to produce alternate
formats where RPM is not the native format. 

As best I can tell, if the host is important, then there is a path
from RPM to the install format on that machine.  If it is not, then
it is likely as easy to write something like PkgMaker as it is to
maintain multiple package formats.
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