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new documentation

I have replaced the online documentation.  The new version is a
upgrade from the previous online documentation because of a tool upgrade
done here at OAR.  This lets me generate PDF natively from texinfo. 
highlights include:

  + pdf for all but two manuals
  + two new manuals
     + 1st draft of Porting Guide 
     + 1st draft of File System Design Guide
  + most manuals have pictures enabled in printed copies
  + Multiple formats available
     + PDF
     + HTML
     + PostScript
     + INFO
     + DVI
  + Concept and Function Index Enabled in
     + Classic API C Guide 
     + Classic API Ada Guide
     + POSIX 1003.1b API Guide

Outstanding documentation problems:

  + Getting Started (C and Ada) break texi2pdf. :(
  + pdf viewer LHS indexing is not always pretty (see task_create)

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joel at OARcorp.com                 On-Line Applications Research
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