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Problems building rtems-ada with ./bit_ada m68k script


>Someone can correct me if I am wrong but gcc 2.8.1 was very weak on
>the coldfire.  Perhaps David Fiddes has some 2.8.1 patches on his
>site still.

Yes. The ColdFire was very bad with gcc-2.8.x... I never actually used
gcc-2.8.x other than to try it. AFAIK there are no patches for the gcc-2.8
and the ColdFire. Sorry. The early EGCS snapshots were a *lot* better for
the ColdFire so I stuck with that... of course they were easier to fix too

>The other alternative is to remove m5200 from the list of multilibs
>in gcc-2.8.1/config/m68k/t-m68kbare.  I recall someone else doing this
>ages ago.

This sounds like the best solution and pretty easy to do.