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Problems in building gdb for Hitachi SH1

Adrian Bocaniciu wrote:

> Hi Silverio,
> your problem appears because the Windows executable files have the
> extension ".exe" and the UNIX scripts that are not aware of this fail when
> trying to copy or link them.
> In the case of gdb-4.17 there is a very simple workaround, after you run
> "configure" and before running "make", edit the file
> "gdb-4.17/sim/sh/Makefile". You must comment (by inserting a "#" character)
> or erase the line "ln psim run".
> Deleting that command has no importance, it only makes possible to also
> execute "psim" by the name "run".

your idea which BASH.EXE in CYGWIN isn't aware of ".exe" extension is

The problem isn't in "gdb-4.17/sim/sh/Makefile" and line "ln psim run"
line not exist), but in install procedure of file run.exe to
and of file gdb.exe to sh-rtems-gdb.exe.

To fix the problem I've modified following Makefile :

01) /build/gdb/sim/sh/Makefile, Line 416 to :

        install-common: installdirs
        n=`echo run | sed '$(program_transform_name)'`; \
        $(INSTALL_PROGRAM) run.exe $(bindir)/$$n

02) /build/gdb/Makefile, Line 533 to :

                transformed_name=`t='$(program_transform_name)'; \
                echo gdb | sed -e $$t` ; \
                if test "x$$transformed_name" = x; then \
                        transformed_name=gdb ; \
                else \
                        true ; \
                fi ; \
                $(INSTALL_PROGRAM) gdb.exe
$(bindir)/$$transformed_name$(EXEEXT) ; \
                $(INSTALL_DATA) $(srcdir)/gdb.1
                @$(MAKE) DO=install "DODIRS=$(SUBDIRS)" $(FLAGS_TO_PASS)

Without your intuition I never would not understood it !!!!
Thank you !

PS: for a Windows dependend which me is very hard to start in script
world of UNIX.

Silverio Diquigiovanni
silverio.di at qem.it