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Problem with CPU32 and current toolset snapshots


I think I've uncovered a problem with CPU32 boards and current snapshots of
the tools. I went through my system at the weekend doing a complete rebuild
of everything and finally getting a chance to try out the current RTEMS
snapshot. My current toolset is built from EGCS-19990718 and the Friday
version of binutils. When doing my reference build of gen68360 it choked
compiling psignal.c in the posix stuff. It appears that EGCS is outputting
addq.w #12, %sp and subq.w #12,%sp on entry and exit to one of the routines.

I'm not really an expert on the CPU32 but AFAIK this instruction is
invalid(it definitely is on the ColdFire). I haven't had the time to isolate
it any further... I had a look at the RTL from gcc but I'm not that great a
deciphering it let alone hooking it up to the machine description.

The same code compiles just fine on the ColdFire so it might concievably be
a CPU32 only problem but I doubt it.