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docs on other SW that supports RTEMS

With the work done by Rosimildo, Ralf, Chris and myself, there are now a
number of 3rd party free software packages that work with RTEMS.  I would
like to collect this information in a single place.  I am proposing to add
a section to the new FAQ something like this:


x.  Free Software that Works with RTEMS

This section describes other free software packages that are known to work
with RTEMS.

x.1 GNU Development Tools

The standard RTEMS development environment consists of the following GNU

   + gcc/egcs
   + binutils
   + gdb

Although not from the Free Software Foundation, the Cygnus newlib C
library integrates well with the GNU tools and is a standard part of the
RTEMS development environment.

For those interested in using the Ada95 programming language, the GNU Ada
compiler (GNAT) is available.  

x.2 omniORB


Instructions, URL, RTEMS specific information, etc.

x.3 TCL

Tool Command Language.


x.4 ncurses

Free version of curses.


x.5 zlib 

This is a compression library.


x.6 FastDB

This is an object-oriented DBMS that operates out of memory.



What do you folks think?  How is this as a starting point?