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Changes in mkdir definition cause problems

VALETTE Eric wrote:

> Previously MKDIR was defined as "/bin/mkdir -p"
> now MKDIR is defined as "/bin/mkdir"
> Causing every Makefile that contains $(MKDIR) to fail.

AFAIS, only the mcp750 BSP is affected :-.

> What is the rationale for the change and what is the correct
> way to make it?

The rationale behind is further adaptation to automake standards:
automake uses mkinstalldirs for "recursive mkdir" and "mkdir" for
"non-recursive mkdir", because mkdir -p and mkdir -m XXX are not
portable. Therefore the checks for mkdir -p, which we had in
configure.in  and aclocal/mkdir.m4 until recently, now have been deleted
and places where $(MKDIR) had been used before, have been replaced with
either mkinstalldirs or mkdir.

Besides some directories of the new mcp750 BSP, which Joel obviously
seems to have missed to adapt, "mkdir -p" is not used anywhere in
RTEMS's source-tree anymore.

> rtems-19990709 # find . -name Makefile.in -exec grep -l MKDIR {} \;