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some questiones about threads & tasks

On 19 Jul 1999 d_luo27 at 263.net wrote:

> Hi :
> anyone can tell me the question fellowed
> 1.what  is the function and diffrence of thread start type ?

To support multiple APIs.  Each API can specify the prototype of the
task/threads it supports.  RTEMS tasks and POSIX threads are prototyped

> 2.what is   the function of thread proxy?

To allow a remote task to block.

> 3.what is the task nodepad?

Notepad is simply a set of 16 32-bit entities  that can be manipulated by
the application via the rtems_task_set_note and rtems_task_get_note

One notepad is reserved for use by newlib.

IMO notepads are the worst thing in the RTEID/ORKID specification the
RTEMS Classic API is based on.  POSIX keys provide similar functionality
in a more useful fashion.

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