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Newbie Q: egcs-1.1.2 and newlib-1.8.1

John Mills wrote:

> I am building RTEMS-4.0.0 under Linux-RH6.0 to target the SH-1 (with
> hope of moving fairly easily to SH-2),

This should be fairly easy, because the SH1 and the SH2 differ not that

> and I am failing the 'tools' build on an unfound 'include' directory.

Most probably this is the "fixincludes" problem on  newer linux kernels
again. Please check the list archive, fixes have been posted half a
dozen times before, here.

> Two patches for egcs-1.1b and most patches for newlib-1.8 failed,
> which may account for my trouble. (I'm now moving back to the named
> versions).
> Does anyone have comments on using the more recent versions?

Consider checking this list's archive and the egcs' and egcs-bugs'
mailing list archive (http://www.cygnus.com). With regard to the SH
there are some known issues with later versions of egcs/gcc and there
are some known general issues with gcc-2.95 (the new version to appear
these days).

> I have built fully-functional 'gcc', 'g++', 'gdb', 'nm', 'size',
> 'run', etc. for 'sh-hms', based on the ecosSWtools-990319 and GNUPro
> sources, and 'newlib-1.8.1' with no [known] problems,

Stock newlib-1.8.1 is broken wrt. the SH (should be fixed in

> and use them. Can I use these tools on the RTEMS package?

Unlikely, there are slight differences between sh-hms and sh-rtems. I
recommend getting the sources and building the toolchain yourself.