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pc386 on 386sx

>>>>> "joel" ==   <joel at oarcorp.com> writes:

joel> On Wed, 28 Jul 1999, erik.ivanenko wrote:

joel> The more general solution is to use the cpuModel-like code to determine if
joel> the CPU model can support an FPU and use that in ADDITION to the patch I
joel> am posting to disable all FP actions on the fly if the FPU is not there.

Or use the result stored by cpuModel.S as explained...

joel> This does again raise the question about the boundary between libcpu and
joel> score/cpu.  if the executive needs to know this information, then the
joel> cpuModel code is crossing the boundary. :)

NO. It is natural for score/cpu/<cpu> to use functions implemented
in libcpu/<cpu> as they only depend on processor and not on rtems executive
code... The main difference being that score/cpu/<cpu> functions shall
not be used by application code...

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