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pc386 output not valid

Chris Caudle wrote:

> >Since I started using RTEMS, I never got this to work.
> >The way I use to boot RTEMS on my target ( PC ) is NETBOOT.
> >i386-coff stuff works fine with GRUB. Although, I have given up ot it,
> Has anyone contacted the guy who wrote GrUB?  The web page lists it as:
> erich at uruk.org
> Perhaps he could provide assistance in debugging the ELF issue.
> Since the PC386 BSP is so useful as a demo, and as a prototyping platform,
> perhaps it would be worthwhile to send Erich an ELF executeable and see if
> there is a simple fix.  Probably the boot loader just doesn't recognize
> something in the header, and tries to load something incorrectly.
> - Chris

  Apparently, ELF is supported by grub ONLY if the kernel uses MULTIBOOT
( whatever that is ).
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