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RTEMS and tools on CD-ROM

Hi everyone,

I am dreadfully sorry for replying on this subject this late in the 
discussion. Especially since I have originally started it. I'm still 
having some problems with getting used to mailing lists (as opposed to 
newsgroups, which I'm using for some time now).

[sorry, attributions got lost, but someone replied:]
> > Is a CD-ROM the only possibility to get a comprehensive distribution?
> > I think the main problem is: how can I get my toolchain running in
> > short time.

Certainly it is not the only way. But it is a very convenient way that 
offers local availability as a main advantage. And it safes the effort of 
downloading a package of 100 MB up to maybe 500 MB to get one 
comprehensive distribution. This can be quite a problem, and very 
expensive, and especially so here in Germany.

My main interest would be to get one package where all compilers and 
tools and patches and packages and BSPs (etc.) and maybe some binaries 
are included in matching versions.

> > If I'm willing to pay 10 or 20 $ for such a CD, I would also be
> > willing to pay that money to get access to a prebuild binary for my
> > host/target combination.

The prebuild binaries would be a nice additional feature, but it is the 
idea of getting a comprehensive package that interests me the most. For a 
collection of all the archives on a CD I would be willing to pay up to 

[joel at oarcorp.com wrote:]
> This is an alternative that has not been considered.  Thanks for the idea.
> It would be convenient to have all the tools accessible in a single area
> on an ftp site. 

It would not really solve the download problem, but it is a worthwile 
first step. Once you have made the first step of thinking of RTEMS in 
terms of comprehensive distributions it is just a small additional step 
to burn the distribution onto a CD-ROM. I'm sure you will find hundreds 
of customers if you sell it for $49.99

> Personally, the primary difference between the two distribution methods is
> mostly one of the physical nature of the CD -- copying, shipping, etc..
> The contents would be the same.

I would prefer the CD distribution, if it's the same with you :-)

[in another earlier message joel at oarcorp.com asked:]

>+ What would you expect/like on the CD?
>   - Obvious items like original source for individual tools, RTEMS
>     patches, RTEMS source.

Yes. In detail: everything that is mentioned in the "Getting Started" 

>   - A merged, prepatched source tree which could be built with the 
>     source still on the CD?

Yes, this would be great.

>   - Prebuilt binaries of the toolset (without prebuilt RTEMS 
>     at this point)

A worthy addition, but not my main focus of interest.

>   - For what hosts?  Linux?  Solaris?  Cygwin?

At the moment my no. 1 choice (and indeed my only choice) would be Linux, 
but another good choice for me (and the company I work for) would be Win-
NT, which apears to be missing on the above list.

>   - For what CPU families?  m68k? i386? PowerPC? SPARC? MIPS? etc.

i386 and PowerPC

>   - RTEMS documentation in what formats?  HTML? PDF? info? PostScript?


Thnaks to Joel Sherrill for the response and for showing an interest. 
I've seen many other responses on this list that confirm a big general 
interest in this topic.


Stephan Wilms (stephan.wilms at cwa.de) 
CWA-GmbH, Aachen, Germany