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pc386 output not valid

>>>>> "Chris" == Chris Caudle <ccaudle at pdq.net> writes:

>> Since I started using RTEMS, I never got this to work.
>> The way I use to boot RTEMS on my target ( PC ) is NETBOOT.
>> i386-coff stuff works fine with GRUB. Although, I have given up ot it,

Chris> Has anyone contacted the guy who wrote GrUB?  The web page lists it as:
Chris> erich at uruk.org

I emailled him about ten times to suggest fixes. I'm seen other
complaining that he does not answer. I looked at the last sources
in order to try to add ELF loading : with the enhanced 16 bit code
support, it doesn't compile anymore and worse, even if it does
the code would be wrong.

The full 16 bit real mode code should be rewritten...

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