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pc386 output not valid []

Brian Stevens

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I have had this problem with a recent version of RTEMS. The build file
now produces elf32-i386, and despite what the manual for grub may say,
it does not seem to supportthis format.

The solution is to use coff, either by modifying the build script or by
changing the object format after the build is complete.

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> Sent: 	26 July 1999 21:04
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> Subject: 	pc386 output not valid
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> I've followed the instructions to the letter ( I think ) in the pc386
> HOWTO to get a bootable RTEMS application diskette.  This includes
> removing stage1 from the disk after the GRUB FS disk is created.
> Unfortunately, when I try to run any of the sample tests ( *.exe )
> using
> grub 0.4, via "kernel=/hello.exe"
> I get the error:
> "Invalid or unsupported executable format"
> The file format is elf32-i386.  Changing the format to coff via
> objcopy
> results in the same error message.
> Any ideas?  The last time this worked for me was with a Linux hosted
> coff toolset.
>  I now use a Solaris 2.6 hosted elf toolset.

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