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RTEMS and tools on CD-ROM

Pollak Leon wrote:

> At 00:43 20/07/99 -0400, you wrote:
> >I'd beg for FreeBSD instead of one of the Win32 hosts.
>         Just now me too.
> >I'd be very happy to provide a FreeBSD 'ports package' framework
> >for RTEMS if there is any interest.
>         Definetly is.
> >>m68k and PowerPC for me.
> >Yep, me too  ;-)
>         And me.
>         Thanks.
> Leon Pollak
> leonp at plris.com

That's exactly the configuration I'd like to see:
    host environment : FreeBSD
    targets : m68k (mc68360) and PowerPC (mpc860) using the
FreeBSD network stack

Hans Brand
hans.brand at asml.nl