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Vote for FreeBSD dist. [Was: Re: RTEMS and tools on CD-ROM]

>>>    - For what hosts?  Linux?  Solaris?  Cygwin?
>> Linux, Cygwin, Mingw.
>I'd beg for FreeBSD instead of one of the Win32 hosts.
>Encouraging development on FreeBSD might even have a collateral
>effect of getting more people involved with keeping the RTEMS
>networking code updated.
>I'd be very happy to provide a FreeBSD 'ports package' framework
>for RTEMS if there is any interest.
>>>    - For what CPU families?  m68k? i386? PowerPC? SPARC? MIPS? etc.
>>m68k and PowerPC for me.
>Yep, me too  ;-)

I would be very interested in FreeBSD support for a 68k and PPC target.
Now, as I think about it, getting the cross development environment working
on FreeBSD was pretty straightforward.  I think there was just a minor issue
w/ an older version of makedoc on my system... as I recall (?).
I've just never made a "port" before.. and that might take some time before
its done.