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RTEMS and tools on CD-ROM

On Mon, 19 Jul 1999, Gerwin Pfab wrote:

> On Fri, 16 Jul 1999 joel at oarcorp.com wrote:
> > 
> > 
> > On Fri, 16 Jul 1999, Stephan Wilms wrote:
> > 
> > > Does anyone know wether it would be possible to obtain RTEMS and
> > > all RTEMS developemen tools (mostly GNU tools as I understand it
> > > on a CD-ROM ? We would really prefer a comprehensive distribution
> > > to start with, if one is available.
> Is a CD-ROM the only possibility to get a comprehensive distribution? I
> think the main problem is: how can I get my toolchain running in short
> time. If I'm willing to pay 10 or 20 $ for such a CD, I would also be
> willing to pay that money to get access to a prebuild binary for my
> host/target combination. All host /target combinations would not fit onto
> on CD-ROM, but how about a payable area (like the support-area) where I
> can fetch my prebuild/documentation (IMO HTML/PDF is best)  for money if
> i'm not willing to invest in the time compiling it myself?

This is an alternative that has not been considered.  Thanks for the idea.

It would be convenient to have all the tools accessible in a single area
on an ftp site.  But the cost of providing the bandwidth to download it is
prohibitive if that site is free.  The price would essentially offset the
cost of the bandwidth.  

Personally, the primary difference between the two distribution methods is
mostly one of the physical nature of the CD -- copying, shipping, etc..
The contents would be the same.

This is a good alternative though.  And why I always look to the list for
suggestions. :)

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