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[Re: RTEMS and tools on CD-ROM]

Mahesh Revuri wrote:

>              As Mr.Brendan suggests,it would be very good to get all tools
> patchs etc from a single source.I have been trying to install RTEMS on a
> 5.2 Linux but unable to get get the fixincludes patch.There is a clear steps
> for Linux 6.0 but dont find any for Linux 5.2.I would have bought a cd if was
> avalible than going on this hard way.

I had no problem building the GNU tools or building RTEMS on my RedHat 5.2
system with scripts provided with the RTEMS distribution.  I just followed the
Getting Started guide.  It takes a little time to get everything in place,
especially if you haven't got a fastish PC.  It would be much easier running
from a CD, especially for the non-Unix initiated or those not familiar with GNU
stuff, but one must bite the bullet at some stage.

Brendan Simon.