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RTEMS and tools on CD-ROM

joel at oarcorp.com wrote:

> At this point, there is not a CD-ROM distribution specifically of RTEMS
> and tools. This is something that I would very much like to see happen.
> Based upon the size of versions of toolkits like Jiri's ERC32CCS (30+
> Mbytes compressed), then CD-ROM becomes the only viable way to distribute
> toolset binaries.  If you look at the size of even the source for RTEMS
> and the tools in compressed archives, it is quite large.
> Putting together such a distribution takes time to decide what is on the
> CD and to actually assemble and test it.  Then there is the simple issue
> of would enough copies be sold to justify the investment.  If folks don't
> mind, I would like to as some basic questions about this. [And if you do
> mind, I have already asked it. :)]
> + Does this interest you?


> + What would you be willing to pay for a CD distribution?  This would not
> include support -- it would just be an alternative to downloading and
> assembling the tools and documentation.

Around $10-$20.  I can buy official RedHat Linux CDs for around AUS$10 so I
guess this is sort of a benchmark for me.  People would generally not want
to pay too much if they are just starting out or evaluating the product.

> + What would you expect/like on the CD?
>    - Obvious items like original source for individual tools, RTEMS
>      patches, RTEMS source.


>    - A merged, prepatched source tree which could be built with the
>      source still on the CD?


>    - Prebuilt binaries of the toolset (without prebuilt RTEMS
>          at this point)

Big Yep.  Alot, if not most, would want to use the RTOS rather than have to
spend time building the tools.

>    - For what hosts?  Linux?  Solaris?  Cygwin?

Linux, Cygwin, Mingw.

>    - For what CPU families?  m68k? i386? PowerPC? SPARC? MIPS? etc.

m68k and PowerPC for me.

>    - RTEMS documentation in what formats?  HTML? PDF? info? PostScript?

HTML and PDF.  All three if possible :)

I know this is difficult but it would be nice to have some prebuilt OS's.  I
guess the most obvious one would be the pc386 or what ever it is called.
A nice demo running a real TCP IP application or something ?