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What is the second task in rtems!

On 15 Jul 1999 mzlai at 263.net wrote:

> > Hi:
> >       In the rtems:
> >        What is the task behind the BSP_Initialize task.After the 
> > BSP_Initialize task completed the initialization of the system,It call 
> > function "context_switch" and switch to the next  task.But I don't 
> > know which task it would switch to.Who can tell me:
> >        1.the name and and the function of the next task after BSP_Init
> Thread_Handler(.....);

This is the RTEMS wrapper for the user routine that is in fact the body of
the task.  The RTEMS Classic API tests all start with the task Init.   The
POSIX tests with POSIX_Init.  

The BSP initialization is not a task.

> >        2.How to find the entry of its code!
> The "Thread_Handler" is in the file "thread.c"!

This is correctly where the wrapper is but the Init tasks are user
specified by the either the POSIX or Classic API Flavor of the User
Initialization Task/Thread Table.