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Some basic concepts problem about RTEMS

On 15 Jul 1999 biguo at 263.net wrote:

> Hello,everyone!I have some problem about RTEMS.
> 1.Tasks is same meaning with threads in RTEMS?Difference and relationship?

>From a theoretical comptuer science standpoint, tasks and threads are
interchangeable terms for light-weight concurrent entities.  

The Classic RTEMS API based on RTEID and ORKID calls them tasks (just like
Ada, pSOS+, ITRON, etc.)

The POSIX API calls them threads.  

In the "SuperCore" that is the foundation for both POSIX threads and the
Classic API tasks, RTEMS calls them threads.

RTEMS supports Classic API tasks, POSIX threads, and Ada tasks.  The exact
term depends more on the standard being implemented than anything else.

> 2.Stack in linkcmds is interrupt stack?What purpose is it?


It should be the stack for initialization.

> Task stack is in workspace area?


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