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BDM m68k 1st draft

Comments and corrections welcome on this part of it.   I wrote this pretty
quickly based on the email.  If you gave me information and I did not
credit you, I apologize.  Please take this opportunity to correct that
also.  I think this is a good start.  It turns out there is actually a
nice set of work out there but no easy way to know about it.  Word of
mouth seems to be the standard way. :(

MC683xx BDM Support for GDB

Eric Norum (eric at skatter.usask.ca) wrote a driver for a parallel port
interface to a BDM module.  He and Chris John (ccj at acm.org) have put
together a package containing everything you need to use this.  From
the README: "This package contains everything you need to be able to
run GDB on Linux and control a Motorola CPU32+ (68360) or Coldfire
(5206) target through a standard PC parallel port." Information on this
is available at the following URL:

The efi332 project has a home-built BDM module and gdb driver for
Linux.  See http://egi332.eng.ohio-state.edu/efi332/hardware.html) for

Huntsville Microsystems (HMI) has GDB support for their BDM module
available upon request.  It is also available from their ftp site:

The Macraigor OCD BDM module has a driver for Linux written by Gunter
Magin (Gunter.Magin at lpr.e-technik.tu.muenchen.de).  No URLs yet.

Information in this section from:

   * Brendan Simon <brendan at dgs.monash.edu.au>

   * W Gerald Hicks <wghicks at bellsouth.net>

   * Chris Johns <cjohns at plessey.com.au>

   * Eric Norum <eric at skatter.usask.ca>