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MPC8xx BDM modules and gdb

At 15:11 14/07/99 -0500, you wrote:
>I have been asked about this and did not have a quick answer.  Could
>someone enlighten me?
	Most of the previous answers deal with BDM for 68K CPUs driver developed
by Gunter Magin for Linux.
	About MPC860 - today's release of GDB 4.17 contains a set of primitives to
support Macraigor's wiggler (OCD BDM). It's problem is that it runs only on
PC+Win9X, because they supply HW with their interface DLL and the straight
interface to HW is unknown. This leads to obligatory usage of CygWin, which
in turn makes all this monstr to be very slow.
	About a year ago I managed to build all this stuff under CygWin19b and
"hello" simple application download time was about 50sec.
	Today I am waiting for Cygnus another variant of the same story -
S.Howward announced very soon (week or two) release of gdb+wiggler under
DJGPP, which promises to run significantly faster.
	I try to follow this question and will be glad to inform interested people
when there will be any change in the status.

Leon Pollak
leonp at plris.com