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TCPIP stack size

>>>>> "Eric" == Eric Norum <eric at cls.usask.ca> writes:

Eric> When I ported the FreeBSD code to RTEMS my main goal was to provide a
Eric> complete BSD socket-style API for RTEMS applications and to do so with
Eric> minimal modifications to the BSD code.   I've found that the combination
Eric> of the FreeBSD stack and RTEMS provides a very stable, high-performance
Eric> TCP/IP environment.  Nothing comes for free, though, and the cost here
Eric> is in memory usage.  There are small-footprint TCP/IP stacks available
Eric> but this certainly is not one of them.

I second this approach. We have found bugs in the KA9Q stack used earlier.
Because I wanted TCP/IP in RTEMS before it was officially available, I
bough a commercial TCP/IP stack and was SOOOOOOOOO disappointed.

I think that networked equipement will soon require a lot of
TCP/IP applications (WEB server, FTP server, may be Java...) so
having a "clean complete" TCP/IP stack is a guaranty of evolutivity.
So eric thanks again and yes you made the right choice (AFAIKT :-))

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