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How to build the files for GDB in rtems-i386

Hi :
       I have a "hello_world "(rtems-i386) program that  can be burned into the flash memory.How can I change it into a program that can be downloaded into the 386ex target  board by the GDB and can be debuged.
   Now, I get three questions:
     1.Should I strip the start.S from the program since the monitor                  running on the 386ex target board have complete such work.
     2.Should I change the file "linkcmds" so that I can change the                    memory mapping of  the debuged program and the whole 
           text and data or something else are all located in the RAM.
     3.What are the differents between the file being burned an the 
           file being debugged and how to build them?

I am very appreciated for any help!
Thanks in advance !


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