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differences between heap and workspace

joel at oarcorp.com wrote:
> On 5 Jul 1999 biguo at 263.net wrote:
> Does this make sense?

It makes sense, but I've always wondered why it is done like this. From
my delving into RTEMS, It appears as if RTEMS treats the Workspace like
a private heap, and allocates/deallocates memory there as required at
i.e., create a task, RTEMS allocates a Stack in the Workspace.
    destroy a task, RTEMS deallocates the Stack in the Workspace.

If this is correct, then why not just use the Heap everything else uses
and allocate from that? It would remove the need to set a Workspace size
that effectively consumes that much system memory regardless of if it is
fully utilised or not.

Steven Johnson
Managing Director
Neurizon Pty Ltd