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Port to 16Bit H8300 comments

On Tue, 6 Jul 1999, Trevor Higgins wrote:

> I am checking the feasibility of porting to the Hitachi H8300H micro.

A port of RTEMS 3.2 and 3.5 was done to the H8/300 so it is feasible.
This port was never submitted despite begging on my part. :)  

If they are on the list and want to submit it finally, it would be a great
starting spot.

> The egcc port is missing 64bit values.
> I have checked the code and there are not many places that 64 bit quantities
> are used. I dont believe that the core kernel uses 64bit quantities.
> Can you confirm this?

It doesn't use 64 bit types in anyway.  The types are provided for

> Please comment if you think that this micro (16/32 bit) is not suitable for
> a port of RTEMS.

It is a very suitable target for a port.

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